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Allow me to introduce myself…

My name’s Simon Mitchell and just four years ago I graduated with a First Class Degree in Computer Science from Durham University.

When I left university the job market was saturated with qualified graduates and there simply weren’t enough jobs! That’s why after 6 months of living on government benefits I decided to take a call centre job working for one of those “market comparison” companies…

You know the ones – sites that compare flights, car insurance, hotels, travel insurance and more to find the lowest price for the customer.

After just a few months of sitting in that crowded office, taking repetitive phone calls day in, day out, I had a thought – “Why don’t I start my own business, one which compares online race tips and finds the most accurate predictions?”

And that’s exactly what I did!

I worked on Betting Supercharged with one of my university housemates; an Applied Mathematics Graduate. I put the software together and he ran the numbers to ensure that everything added up. He could then determine the outcome of every race!

After 8 months of working tirelessly on this project we have amassed a database of race tips so large that our software could predict the winning horse with at least 96% accuracy!

This means that when you use our software, your horse will come in first almost EVERY SINGLE TIME! Even when your horse doesn’t place first it’s sure to come in close second so you’re GUARANTEED TO MAKE MONEY!


  • More reliable than any single tipster site.
  • Tips at least 96% accurate.
  • Inclusive of high-odds race predictions.
  • Consistently reliable tips.

“This incredible software gives new punters a chance to get in the game and earn some SERIOUS CASH!”

Here’s what a few of our existing customers had to say about Betting Supercharged;

Aidan Kelly, Lincoln.

“Betting Supercharged is the dog’s bollocks! With these tips I’ve been able to pay off all my debts, fix up my car and tell my boss where to stick it! In the six weeks that I’ve been using this software I’ve made £26,323.55! AND the software is so easy to use! I can’t thank you enough, Simon. Five stars from me! *****”

Craig Bell, Leeds.

“The selections are automatically updated and will appear on the selections area daily. You can choose which selections to pick and the amount you wish to stake.”

Emily Webb, Nottingham.

“As a single mum with 3 kids under 12 I was struggling just to put food on the table. My prat of an ex-husband ran off leaving me with all the debt and a house to keep. Before I discovered Betting Supercharged I was working two jobs and completely at my wits’ end, now my life couldn’t be better! I’ve been using this software for almost 10 months and in that time I’ve made over £170,000!!! Thanks to these fantastic tips, me and the kids have been able to move from a 2 bed semi to a beautiful 4 bedroom house!! Thanks a million!”

Very soon a life free from debt and the drudgery of work will be yours!

The Betting Supercharged package includes;
  • Fully automated, one-click software
  • A clear beginner’s software guide
  • User friendly platform
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Bookmaker recommendations
  • Free betting advice
  • Exclusive membership area
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All the best,

Simon Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will selections be automatically placed via my online bookmaker?

"Selections will be updated automatically and will appear daily on the selections area. You can then choose your selections and the amount you wish to stake."

2. Will my licence expire after a period of time?

“No! As soon as you download the Betting Supercharged software you can use it indefinitely and there will be no recurring payments.”

3. Am I guaranteed to win every bet?

“Of course I cannot say with certainty that your horse will place first every time but this software is AT LEAST 96% accurate so even when your horse isn’t the winner it will come in close second.”

4. How many bets should I place each day?

“With this software you are able to place 5 – 8 bets per day and you should place at least 5 if you want to make £200,000 by the end of the year. However, if you’re happy making less money then you are welcome to place fewer bets.”

5. Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

“You will be given the contact information of the Betting Supercharged customer service team, but if you’d like to speak to me directly, simply request me by name.”

6. Who will I be speaking to if I have questions or concerns?

“Predominantly you will be speaking to one of my small customer service team. If you require, you can speak to me directly by adding my name into the subject line.”